The OSBA, founded in 1880, is a voluntary professional association open to any person who has been admitted to the practice of law in the state of Ohio. Law students, paralegal students, and paralegals sponsored by an OSBA attorney member are eligible for membership in the OSBA as associate members.


The OSBA delivers a very powerful and comprehensive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) resource to its large member base. The business challenge for the OSBA has been to continually improve the quality and quantity of online digital assets, while reducing the costs of the CLE program to OSBA and all of its members. This was a daunting problem for OSBA, but with new advancements in available technology and innovative companies to deliver solutions, the OSBA was confident that it could deliver better products and services and reduce overall costs at the same time.


The OSBA uses the Aptify AMS for all member management functions and wanted a more powerful catalog to simplify member access and organize and deliver a wide range of course material, along with a large library of pre-recorded webinars. The OSBA need a “virtual catalog” to handle all of these business requirements. The OSBA found the market leader in single access “virtual catalogs” and subsequently formed a partnership with AIT to deliver an Aura eStore implementation for the OSBA CLE program.


The Aura eStore went live at OSBA in October of 2014 and is still going strong. The OSBA eStore “virtual catalog” presently has more than 2,400 courses available to members, as well as 900+ pre-recorded webinars on a wide range of topics that are important to law professionals. Additionally, there are more than 600 podcasts available for member access. Since the eStore has been live and available to the more than 29,000 members of OSBA, many of the website activity statistics have shown a dramatic increase in usage by our membership. Also, we are now managing much more content in our eStore virtual catalog than we have at any time in the past. Plus, our overall costs to build and maintain the Aura eStore virtual catalog have been reduced dramatically. The Aura eStore has delivered much more value to OSBA than our previous solution. With the Aura eStore, we have a much more valuable resource than we had previously and at a significant reduction in total cost.