ACS is a scientific and educational association of surgeons that was founded in 1913 to improve the quality of care for the surgical patient by setting high standards for surgical education and practice. From 2012 to 2013, ACS observed a year-long commemoration of its Centennial, “100 Years of Inspiring Quality.”


ACS has a worldwide membership, and the solutions that ACS offers must serve the needs of all of its members. All member systems must be easy-to-use, “self-service” facilities that are readily available to the entire member community. Integrating member data with the ACS website is a top priority. Simplifying the process of applying to ACS is another important project. In addition, integration with external systems and ecommerce functionality is also at the top of ACS’ priorities list.


ACS uses the Aptify AMS application platform to handle all of its member functions. However, ACS has selected AIT to deliver software solutions for all of its top priority I.T. projects. The AIT staff are experts in AMS software platforms and have extensive experience with the Aptify AMS. By extending the Aptify AMS platform, AIT is able to deliver solutions for all of the ACS major system challenges as outlined above. These custom extensions to the Aptify AMS platform result in seamless software integration that is easy-to-use for the member community, while adding powerful new functionality at the same time.


“Very successful” is the response from Howard Tanzman, I.T. Director at ACS, when he was asked about the track record with AIT projects over the past 3 years. The AIT team has a track record of delivering “on time, on budget” completed projects. The software work by AIT is of very high quality, and AIT stands behind its work with very solid support. Presently, ACS has commissioned AIT to help build an Accreditation Survey Application that will become an important part of the ACS system solutions portfolio.