CASE STUDY: The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA)


The MICPA, with over 17,500 members, is the leading statewide professional organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the value of the CPA profession in Michigan. The MICPA represents Michigan CPAs working in business, education, government, and public accounting.


The MICPA is using an AMS packaged application software product to meet their operational requirements. Some of the 300+ professional education programs were buried inside of the AMS catalog making it difficult for members to access and review the course materials. Since this material is a significant resource for the MICPA and their members, an easy-to-use virtual course catalog was necessary to enhance and expand the access and selection of professional education programs by the 17,500+ members of the MICPA.


The solution to meet this challenge is the Aura eStore. The Aura eStore created an easy-to-use front-end for access by all members of the MICPA, enabling the members to quickly and easily access the complete catalog of professional education programs. The Aura eStore is integrated directly with the MICPA AMS package, thereby allowing members to have quick and easy access to any course material buried in the AMS, while maintaining a simple and easy to use front-end via the Aura eStore virtual catalog.


The success of the Aura eStore has given MICPA members easy access to all course materials in the AMS. Many additional features are planned for the Aura eStore to expand the course material access, as well as connections to other state CPA societies. The vision for the Aura eStore virtual catalog will give the members of MICPA access to a vast array of local and remote course materials, both in real time and previously recorded professional education programs. The Aura eStore virtual catalog is the future of how these educational programs will be accessed by the member community.